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Welcome to Bridgeport Fitness, LLC.

After several years of experience as a nationally certified personal trainer in the Portland metro area, I was tired of watching men and women not getting the results they were looking for by joining a gym.

Throughout my career I've seen two kinds of people: those who think that merely paying a gym membership alone will give them the body they want, so don't bother going; and those who spend hours working out and don't see results.

It's frustrating to watch people fall short of their goals! And as a fitness professional, it kills me. Getting where you want to be simply requires proper exercise instructions and nutritional knowledge.

My philosophy is that everyone deserves to feel great about their body. That's why it's my personal goal to help anyone and everyone with the desire to get the body they always wanted. I personally have structured the most effective way to lose weight and inches while enjoying almost every minute of the workout. I have created a high-energy atmosphere where you will succeed in your goals.

The most cost effective way to get involved is through my custom boot camp classes that are offered every day Monday through Friday. I am also available for in Home training in the Tigard, Lake Oswego, and Tualatin areas and my Garage Gym located in Durham. Check out the services page for prices and schedules.

People Are Talking!

222287_7005908639_7770_nThe work-outs are suitable for all fitness levels because Renea guides each person to achieve his/her own personal ‘best’ each time. After working out for years, I didn’t think I could find ‘spark’ again in exercise but, Bridgeport Fitness has done that for me!

18185_4976908506073_506027683_nIf you are looking to push yourself while being coached by a highly knowledgeable trainer, then this is the place. I’ve been very impressed by Bridgeport Fitness. Routines change weekly and are always challenging. The training sets utilize gear and techniques that are at the forefront of the health/fitness community. Another plus is that their easy to use website makes it fast and convenient to schedule classes. It will be the best workout you’ll get in 30 minutes, hands down! I highly recommend Bridgeport fitness for anyone looking to change up their fitness routine in a great small group setting. Thanks!

rozRenea has “soft-spoken, carry a big stick” personality that truly inspires you to be the best person you can be inside and out. My relationship with Renea began as a client/trainer relationship and has developed into a friend/friend relationship and that is TRULY AMAZING!

nicoleI highly recommend getting some training sessions with Renea of Bridegeport Fitness. She’s been kicking my booty for a few weeks now and I LOVE her..well maybe it’s a love/hate but it’s definitely worth it!